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Tesla’s secret, lost notebook just fell into the wrong hands!  When a PhD candidate notices some strange earthquake patterns in Los Angeles, she tracks it down to an elitist group of scientists who have been using some of Nikola Tesla’s lost research to set off earthquakes.

All they need now is full access to the formulas in Tesla’s lost notebook to set off an earthquake under downtown Los Angeles during the upcoming G-20 meeting to wipe out many international leaders and do a worldwide reset.

Since the authorities won’t believe her, she has to gather a motley group of misfits to stop the scientists. 

Stars:  Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny, The Magicians), Lou Ferrigno, Jr. (SWAT, Star Girl),  Kirby Bliss Blanton (Death Wish 2018, Green Inferno), Richard Burgi (Hostel II, Green Inferno).

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