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Press and Audience Reviews to “Final Frequency”


FINAL FREQUENCY has some good jeopardy and good acting…the jeopardy is constant throughout… Charles Shaughnessy of TV’s THE NANNY and Richard Burgi of TV’s DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES are perfectly cast and definitely add some seasoned experience… has a strong moral worldview… affirms the idea in the American Declaration of Independent that all men are created equal.  (MOVIEGUIDE)

It’s a family-friendly thrill ride to the finish, and the safety of Los Angeles– maybe even the world — hangs in the balance.  We award it Dove approved  Seal for All Ages  (Dove.org Review)

Tesla Contest Winners

Sept., 21, 2021

Media Desk


Grand Prize: Two Nights In Tesla Room, New Yorker Hotel

Hollywood, CA– Today (Sept. 21, 2021), the Tesla Challenge winners were announced, by Derrick Warfel & John David Ware, Producers of the Tesla-inspired, award-winning feature film “Final Frequency,” now streaming on Amazon.  For more info see FinalFrequencyFilm.com.

By answering questions about Tesla’s life and work, competitors scoring at GENIUS Level (27-33 correct answers) or SCIENTIST (20-26 correct answers) on the quiz were entered into a drawing to win the Grand Prize: two (2) nights in Tesla’s room at the New Yorker Hotel.

The Tesla Challenge Grand Prize Winner is Carissa Vega. The runners-up are John Eifert, Sheila Schell, Robert Matz, Deverne Lehman and William Willet.

“Room 3327/3328 are where Tesla slept,” said Ware, “It’s a heady walk on the grounds of the New Yorker and the streets outside, to see where the inventor of A/C power and wireless technology battled titans like Thomas Edison and JP Morgan.”

The Runner-up prize is Tesla’s Lost Notebook, a leather-bound replica as seen in the film “Final Frequency” and imprinted with a personal note from Nikola Tesla in his own handwriting!

“The journals were all hidden in Tesla’s actual room, at the New Yorker Hotel, and you can see this revealed in our new documentary,” said Ware. The short documentary is called

Tesla’s New York Secrets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYJj3IdHd3k

Directed by Tim Lowry, “Final Frequency” stars Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny, The Magicians, Days of our Lives), Lou Ferrigno Jr. (SWAT, “Stargirl”), Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives, Hostel II).

Kirby Bliss Blanton (Death Wish 2018), Kim Estes (Emmy Winner-Dicks, NCIS), Luke Guldan (The Good Place), Nikki SooHoo (Stick It, Space Samurai: Oasis), Josh Murray (Killing Lincoln, The Missing Twin) and Abhay Walia (Seven Rounds, Cake).

In “Final Frequency,” PhD student Esther connects unusual tremors in L.A. to rogue scientists, who are desperately seeking Nikola Tesla’s lost notebook.

If captured, Tesla’s deadly research will enhance the destructive power of their master plan to manipulate thoughts and to manufacture an epic earthquake to take out world leaders during the G-20 World Economic Summit.

The key is the professor, who has vanished along with the notebook. Esther and her crew of misfits are the only hope to find him before the G-20 is reduced to ashes and rubble.

Tesla fans can still try their luck on the quiz. See http://finalfrequencyfilm.com for the trailer and more information.

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